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The Insidecg.com is an independent media publication focused on delivering entertainment and video game content for newbies and seasoned gaming enthusiasts. Our primary objective is to consolidate our reputation as an authoritative voice on games, offering you engaging and ground-breaking visual content and divertissement.

Once upon a time, video games had a bad rap. Some believed that they were rotting the brains of the young generation, creating mindless violence and laziness. Well, we’re similar to you and don’t agree with any of that. We love the open world concept of video games and the freedom of becoming the superhero of the story –be it on the PC or console. That is precisely why we aim to create authenticity, inspiration, and relevance tailored to your personal taste.

At insidecg.com, we understand that gaming requires a ton of skill sets, including hand-eye coordination, quick decision making, and even problem-solving. With that in mind, we’ve made the commitment to show you the finest features of PCs, around-the-clock news concerning the latest video games, esports coverage, and game reviews.